Akoni Eyewear

Akoni Eyewear aims to seamlessly blend the best of artistic heritage and technical breakthroughts, while always seeking inspiration from visionaries who forever changed the way we see and experience the universe. Underling the brand’s timelessness, many of its frames riff on the type of remarkable symbols of individual achievement which are destinated to become enduring heirlooms, Akoni’s resilient frames are designed for a lifetime of use.

“For Akoni’s collections, we were determined to put forward one coherent theme, instead of simply a series of individual ideas. We began our journey by creating custom, interchangeable Akoni hardware and components that guarantee both a cohesiveness and an overall recognizable style”.

Salma Rachid, Co-Founder & Creative Director of Akoni Group

Akoni Means “Inestimable, Priceless, Worthy Of Admiration.”

Every Akoni frame reflects our belief that true luxury requires an unwavering commitment to the highest level of engineering and materials.

Like the best fine jewellery designs, is truly one of a kind—since due to a combination of organic differences and individual craftwork, no frame could ever completely match another.

Made in Japan by expert craftspeople using only the finest materials and time-honored and cutting-edge production techniques.