The house of Valentino is based in the heart of Rome, the Eternal City, and expresses a point of view on the contemporary world using history as a playground and the Atelier as a place that produces both beauty and thought. The story began in 1960, but 2016 marks a new beginning, under the Creative Direction of Pierpaolo Piccioli.

A new set of values, that are both of the moment and faithful to its heritage, are created: grace and delicacy, both as an attitude and as a silhouette; a celebration of individuality; emotional beauty; the blending and merging of different languages. Valentino eyewear collection conveys the values of the Maison and the mastery of couture.

The culture of Couture and the rituals. Couture as a field where the processes remain traditional and unique but at the same time gives the possibility of experimentations.

Originated by an oneiric landscape, permeated by grace and inclusivity, the Valentino Eyewear Collection, reaffirms the choice of authenticity and the Maison’s Couture legacy, throughout the Japanese time-honored craftsmanship and the finest materials on Earth.
Couture is about excellence, details, it is about the perfection in the execution, but it is also personal, individual and self-expression.

The Creative Director envisioned the new eyewear ensuring it matched all the values he believes in: a celebration of diversity though a product that emphasizes this belief.

Artisans dedicate decades of their lives to mastering their crafts and passing their knowledge through generations.

The new eyewear generation is 100% produced in the finest workshop in Japan, utilizing the highest quality materials and techniques.